The arctic

The bowheadin much depleted numbers, is found in the Beaufort Sea and in Baffin Bay and occasionally in Hudson Bay.

The Yupik still refer to themselves as Eskimowhich means "snowshoe netters", not "raw meat eaters" as it is sometimes mistakenly translated.

To the north the Queen Elizabeth Islands supported small, probably thin, ice caps. Most widely used by the native population has been the black crowberry Empetrum nigrumeaten either raw or mixed with animal oil.

In areas of crystalline rocks, including large parts of the northern Canadian Shield and Finland, the ice left disarranged drainage and innumerable lakes. Although there are differences in degree, these terrains are essentially flat, occasionally broken by low rock scarps, and covered with numerous shallow lakes.

By late August the cycle is complete, and the plants are awaiting winter. The effect has been a general retreat of glacier fronts and thinning of ice around the margins.

The Arctic marine fauna is illustrated in terms of the whole ecosystem in the figure. South of the tree line in the subarctic, differences between continental Mackenzie Basin, interior Yukon, and Alaska and northeastern Siberia and oceanic northern Quebec-Labrador, northern Scandinavia, and northern Russia situations are marked.

In the Arctic Ocean off northwestern Ellesmere Island there is an area of floating shelf ice that may at one time have been joined by glaciers, but the glaciers no longer reach the sea. Tundra areas have a continuous cover of vegetation, and many different tundra associations plant communities may be recognized.

During the Cenozoic, however, the polar lands became cooler and permanent land ice formed, first in the Alaskan mountain ranges and subsequently, by the end of the Pliocene 2. Near the polar coasts these have been submerged to produce fjords, which are well developed in southern Alaska, along the east coast of Canada, around Greenland, in east and west Iceland, along the coast of Norwayand on many of the Arctic islands.

Winter in the maritime Arctic the Aleutians, coastal southwestern Greenland, Iceland, and the European Arctic is a period of storminess, high winds, heavy precipitation in the form of either snow or rain the latter at sea leveland moderate temperatures. Musk oxen Ovibos moschatus.

The most important feature of this water mass is a section referred to as the sub-surface layer. Arctic Circle Information Site here.

South of the tree line is the subarctic forest-tundra. The first half of the 20th century saw climatic amelioration in the Arctic, with higher temperatures found particularly in winter and especially around the Norwegian Sea. When frozen the silts have considerable strength, but if they thaw they change in volume, lose their strength, and may turn to mud.

Arctic Ocean

These variations in the Arctic all contribute to ice drift reaching its weakest point during the summer months. Greenland ice sheet The glaciers of the north polar regions can be divided into two groups depending on the source of their snow.

In the centre and north a continental situation develops, and the snowfall is less.

Arctic Ocean

Although it may be considerable, its effectiveness in raising surface temperatures is restricted by the high reflectivity of snow and ice. In AugustRussia submitted an application for the expansion of the external borders of the continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean, asserting that the eastern part of the Lomonosov Ridge and the Mendeleyev Ridge are an extension of the Eurasian continent.

By late August the cycle is complete, and the plants are awaiting winter. Polar continental shelves in areas that escaped glaciation during the ice ages were exposed during periods of low sea level, especially in the Bering Strait and Sea Beringiawhich facilitated migration of people to North America from Asiaand in the Laptev and East Siberian seas.

Emergence is still continuing, and in parts of northern Canada and northern Sweden uplift of two to three feet a century has occurred during the historical period. The growing season is so short that annuals are rare and perennials reproduce asexually by shoots or runners.

The active layer in the permafrost is normally deep in them. Owing to the high latitudes, solar energy is limited to the summer months.

The ice then advanced, reaching a maximum about It has little effect in most rocks, but in fine-grained, unconsolidated sediments, particularly silts, lenses of ice, called ground ice, grow by migration of moisture, and in extreme cases half the volume of Arctic silts may be ice. The section sketches the different water masses along a vertical section from Bering Strait over the geographic North Pole to Fram Strait.

On the land, this is the zone north of the tree line; in the sea, it is the area in which the upper water is of Arctic Ocean origin, without admixture of Atlantic or Pacific water. Upon ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Seaa country has ten years to make claims to an extended continental shelf beyond its nautical mile zone.

At first sight many parts of the Arctic are polar deserts without soil or vegetation. The arctic tern, which breeds in the Arctic in the summer, makes a remarkable migration to subantarctic waters, where it winters. Mushrooms are widely distributed and can be used for a welcome change of diet.

The Council operates on consensus basis, mostly dealing with environmental treaties and not addressing boundary or resource disputes.

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Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: The First 50, An Historic Symposium "The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 50th Anniversary Historic Symposium" was presented inand the Symposium Transactions are now available here.

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Arctic Report Card. The latest Arctic Report Card // This annually published report gathers the latest science from top experts to track changes in the Arctic.

The arctic
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