The treaty of verailles essay

Treaty of Versailles Essay Pages: It is clear that the Articals of the Treaty of Versailles, claiming sole German responsibility for causeing World War I was unjust, thus it was a shared responsibility for the cause of World War I.

The severity of the reparations contained in this document set the stage for history to repeat itself. In addition, my opinion on the treaty of Versailles was fair until Germany had to pay full reparations as well as limiting their armed forces.

The Treaty had to be revised several times before the final copy was signed on January 18, Austria-Hungry was split up and Yugoslavia was created. Moreover the aims of were too harsh, due to the fact that George Clemenceau president of France had demanded that Germany should pay for the damage that was caused in the war.

The Treaty of Versailles

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He died in of cardiac complications. Danzig, a major port in E. Self-Determination the right of people to choose their own form of government League of Nations an international organization formed to ensure peace among nations. The main countries and their representatives were: Both Britain and France had a rivalry with Germany but the French's ill feelings were even more intensive.

He besides campaigned for his League of Nations. Germany has to cede the main part of West-Prussia and almost the whole province of Posen to the new state of Poland.

Treaty of Versailles

They agreed to negotiate disputes rather than resort to war. Two major alliance systems developed due to conflicting national interests which had been evident during the past two decades throughout Europe. Austria-Hungary annexed the provinces of Bosnia-Herzegovina. After the war, Britain faced tough economic problems.

Woodrow Wilson —the twenty-eighth President of the United States — The Germans tried paying their debts by borrowing and printing more money. Their exports were at an all time low due to outdated factories, high tariffs, and competition from other countries.

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France also received its wishes with Alsace-Lorraine. The Treaty of Versailles was a peace settlement signed after World War 1 had ended in Instead, it was always at the expense of French interest that concessions were to be made. Abshir yss sketch dissertation Abshir yss sketch dissertation catholic theatre and drama critical essays on john judy syfers i want a wife analysis essay badria essayed star academy 7 france.

France under the Schlieffen Plan. All the leaders had different opinions and motives regarding the Treaty of Versailles. Equally good as this. The military industrial machine developed new and ever more deadly technologies with which to make war, and the move towards a larger middle and artisan class required a number of political and sociological changes as well.

Germany has to cede all colonies: Great Britain and America had all wanted the same things. He was likely right. Once machinery was introduced the old way of production was gone forever. Most of the battles were fought on French soil.

Treaty of Versailles Essay – Fair or Not?

Historian Sally Marks adds. Germany also lost one eighth of its land, all of its colonies, all of its overseas financial Due to this action there could be future problems in Europe. Wilson lastly called for a League of Nations to help keep peace in the future.

Georges Clemenceau — was the Premier of France and The Fourteen Points included an end to secret treaties, freedom of the seas, free trade, a large scale reduction of arms, and self-determination.

Thus, only the genes of those who were strong and fit would pass into the gene pool. The Treaty of Versailles was one of the peace treaties at the end of World War I. It ended the state of war between Germany and the Allied Powers.

Versailles, Treaty of, The Treaty of Versailles was a peace treaty made following the events of the First World War.

The Treaty was made to determine what should become of Germany after the War, as one of the conditions of the Treaty was that Germany was to take full blame.

The Treaty of Versailles Name: Institution: The Treaty of Versailles The Treaty of Versailles refers to the peace treaty that was signed in It is the treaty that officially ended World War I.

The Treaty of Versailles ended World War I and became one of the most famous and discussed peace treaties in world history. This lesson offers essay topics that will help your students form a. HISTORY 12 ESSAY: To what extent was the Treaty of Versailles a Fair and Reasonable Treaty?

When looking at the Treaty of Versailles, especially from the German point of view, it is easy to come to the conclusion that it was largely unfair and, perhaps, far too harsh.

The Treaty of Versailles may be either worse or better than what people think about it now, but one thing is certain - that just as the War which it brings to a close was the most difficult of all the wars that have ever been fought, so the Treaty of Versailles is the most difficult of .

The treaty of verailles essay
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